Nowadays we developed a taste for instant gratification. We want things to happen fast, to happen now, with little or no effort. Myself included, sometimes drifting into this absurd chase of the instant gratification. Coming on the mat always reminds me that good things take time. That commitment and perseverance are the keys. Holding onto this lesson off the mat helps me stay focused on what I am working at and not worry.

Do you remember the first time you rolled out that mat for a yoga session? I certainly remember mine: no strength, very little body awareness, balancing poses were out of this world, holding a plank for 2 breaths seemed a punishment.

With every session on that mat, we make tiny improvements that make us feel great. It doesn’t come easy or fast, but that’s the whole point. Good things always take time. We learn to cultivate patience and perseverance on the mat. And like anything else we learn to cultivate on the mat, slowly – slowly, starts to translate into our day to day life, off the mat.

It takes time to build healthy and positive relationships, time to create beautiful things, and time to build careers we love. It’s called a yoga practice for a reason – because only through giving ourselves time and space to grow can we improve. Take that principle and apply it to your life, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Remember: A gorgeous wine takes time to mature. A precious garden takes time to bloom. A breathtaking mountain needed time to form

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