A classical ‘resting position’ in yoga is CHILD POSE. A good teacher would encourage the students to take a child pose anytime throughout the class when their body needs a rest. But, for some reason, we tend to resist the urge to relax, probably out of fear of being perceived as incapable or lazy.

The idea of ‘rest’ is almost blasphemous in today’s busy world, and something we may feel shameful about in a yoga class. Child pose seems a very easy pose to do. Contrary to what is believed, child’s pose is one of the hardest, strongest yoga poses. It restores your body and builds up your strength, allows you to calm your mind (not very easy to do), and helps you to reconnect with your body – one of the core foundations of a solid yoga practice.

Child pose requires immense courage to actually pause and listen to what we need. It requires us to seek our own internal validation, not being afraid of others opinions or judgments. Same in life, we need to know when to take a break, when to pause, to go inwards. A break when is needed is an investment, not a wasted time, nor laziness.

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