1. What are personal core values

2. How to find your own personal core value

1. What are personal core values

From all the definitions I came across this one is the one I love most: Your values are the lenses through which you view yourself and your world. As values develop, they are crystallised and prioritised to form a values system. In essence, they form your own “personal truth” from which self-esteem, fulfilment, and resilience develop. https://www.lifevaluesinventory.org/

Values are a part of us. They can represent our unique, individual essence. They highlight what we stand for.

Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct.

When we honour our personal core values consistently, we experience fulfilment. When we don’t honour our core values….well , we are not living in alignment with who we really are.

You, same as me, have probably learned many of your values from your parents, your teachers, your community, and the society around you. At times you might have even rebelled against some of those values.

As you gain more awareness and you understand that you can choose your believes, your values, it might be useful to give yourself some time and think about your top 10 core values.

I strongly recommend you start to discover and connect to your personal core values, as a first step to write your Mission Statement.

2. How to find your core values

In a society where we are told what to think, what to like, how to be, it is hard to be in touch with our core. Most of us don’t know our values. We don’t understand what’s most important to us.

Few years ago I was asked what my core values are. I was able to name three or four. Not more. At that point I realised I need to investigate at a deeper level, using introspection and meditation, to revel my core values.

Can you articulate your top 5 to 10 values that are most important to you?

Without undergoing a discovery process, it’s challenging to identify your personal core values.

The first essential step is to get into the right mental and emotional state. Find a quiet place and set time aside for this process. It can take days or weeks. Arriving at a concise and short list of personal values can be a daunting task.

This is the step by step process I have used to determine my personal core values:

1. Role models

We discover and reveal our core values.Values can be personified in people that you love and admire.
According to Dr. Steven Hayes, the founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, you uncover your values by naming your heroes.

  • Identify and write down 3 (or more) people who are important role models for you.
  • Think of the values they embody.  For example, my list includes:

My mother – for her strength and love.

Wim Hof  – for his vitality, love of life and desire to help others live a better and healthier life.

A dear friend of mine  – for his commitment, his drive and passion in his career.

My Feng Shui Master – for his wisdom and kindness.

Audrey Hepburn – for her grace, elegance, compassion.

2. Few important questions to answer:

What’s most important in your life?

Beyond your basic human needs, what must you have in your life to experience fulfilment?

Creative self-expression? A strong level of health and vitality? A sense of excitement and adventure? Surrounded by beauty? Always learning?

3. Get some inspiration

Use this website https://www.lifevaluesinventory.org/ to get some guidelines of what it is important to you, therefore your core values. Give it few days, look at the list of your values, rearrange it if you feel that some values are not ranked in accordance to your true needs and desires.

4. Determine Your Top 10 Personal Core Values

How many core values should you end up with? Too few and you won’t capture all the unique dimensions of your being. Too many and you’ll forget them or won’t take advantage of them. Rank them in the order of importance. This is often the most challenging part.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process even-though it might take some time.

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